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Nedenfor er en liste over artikler om norske mineraler og mineralforekomster i magasinet Mineralogical Magazine 1876-1999


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Vol. Årgang Forfatter/ author    Tittel/title Sider/ pages
1 1877 T. A. Readwin : V.— Notes on Some Norwegian Minerals 229-233
6 1885 Brøgger, W.C. & Rath, G. vom : IV. On certain large Crystals of Enstatite found by  W. C. Brögger and H. H. Reusch at Kjorrestad near Bamle South Norway 14-23
10 1892 Solly, R. H. : Minerals from the Apatite-bearing Veins at Noerestad near Risør on the S.E. Coast of Norway. 1-4
10 1892 Collins, A.L. : Appendix: Note on the Modes of Occurrence of the above Minerals. 5-7
12 1899 Prior, G. T. : Minerals from Swaziland: Niobates and Titanates of the Rare Earths, Chemically Allied to Euxenite and Fergusonite; Cassiterite, Monazite, etc. The “Æschynite” from Hitterö 96-101
14 1904 Fletcher, M:  Note on Cobaltiferous Mispickel from Sulitjelma, Norway  54-55
33 1964

Bradshaw, R.  &  Leake, B. E. : A chondrodite-humite-spinel marble from Serfinnset, near Glomfjord, northern Norway.

37 1970

Henley, K. J. : Application of the muscovite-paragonite geothermometer to a staurolite-grade schist from Sulitjelma, north Norway.

38 1971 Griffin, W. L : Mineral Reactions at a Peridotite-Gneiss Contact, Jotunheimen, Norway 435-445
39 1973 Sen, R. and Mukherjee, A. D. : On an Anatectic Granite from Bygland, South Norway 216-223
39 1973 Lappin, M. A:  An Unusual Clinopyroxene with Complex Lamellar Intergrowths from an Eclogite in the Sunndal-Grubse Ultramafic Mass, Almklovdalen, Nordfjord, Norway 313-320
41 1977 Raade, G. , Elliott, C.J. and . Fejer, E. ENew Data on Ktenasite 65-70
41 1977
Moore, A.C. :Zinc-Bearing Chromite (donathite?) from Norway: A Second Look
43 1979    

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