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Bazzite from a pegmatite near Tørdal, Telemark:
the discovery of a pegmatite where all the "blue beryl" turned out to be bazzite instead of aquamarine. The largest found bazzite crystal is probably also world's largest.
Synchysite-(Ce) from Norway:
this interesting mineral occurs in a number of different paragenesisses in well-developed crystals. An overview over the so far known occurrences.
Epitaxiy of hematite on rutile from Vinstra, Oppland, Norway :
the star-like epitaxies of rutile on hematite are of great beauty and perfection.
The Emerald Mines of Byrud, Minnesund, Akershus, Norway
this is the most important emerald deposit in northern Europe. Excellent crystals, some of gem-quality, have and can still be found. In addition a number of other interesting minerals has been found here.
history, geology, mineralogy of one of the oldest mining districts in Norway.
The Tinfos Jernverk Quartzite Quarries in Notodden
the only know occurrence for turquoise and pseudomalachite in Norway. The turquoise can be found as crystals!
The Magnesite Quarries near Snarum in Modum
no less then 5 typelocality minerals are known from these quarries: althausite, dypingite, heneuite, holtedahlite, manasseite. An interesting area for systemetical collecters!
The Solumsåsen Quarry near Holmestrand
possibly world's richest anatase occurrence?!
The Evje-Iveland pegmatite district in south Norway
one of the classic pegmatite areas with hundreds of quarries/mines. This introductionary article is under construction!

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